Conquer the corrugations

Conquer the Corrugations

Conquer the Corrugations is a community owned event that raises awareness for all areas of mental health and well being. This can be from having a bad day to dealing with the harder days in the longer term, that life can sometimes throw at us.

The initiative behind the walk was kicked off by the Jacksons from Wolverton Station, Cape York in 2015. Debbie and Kevin Jackson lost their young son, Dillon to suicide in 2014. Dillon was only 19 and loved by many however found his days hard at the end. A year later, this idea sparked to channel energies and passion into trying to take away the stigma around mental health issues. Life gets corrugated and sometimes we feel the world around us is so far away from our personal reality that no-one could ever truly understand what we are going through. This is how the 'Conquer the Corrugations' concept developed.

The Jacksons, together with a passionate committee from Coen and Weipa, worked to kick off the 42km walk in 2015. Over 90 participants took part in the two day walk, bringing people together to battle those corrugated dirt roads.

The event ran on sponsorship and donations from small businesses across Cape York and Cairns. If businesses did not support this event, it would not have happened. This year the walk will begin at Coen Information Centre and end at the Archer River Roadhouse, a total distance of 42km.

Most of the staff at the Weipa Reporting Centre eagerly participated in this event during October 2015, alongside teams from Cairns Hardware, Exchange Hotel, Lochinvar Station, Coen Wellbeing Centre, Weipa Caravan Park & Camping Ground, Jaimec Rural Contracting and other properties from the Cape. Many individuals participated on the walk in 2015, contributing towards its success.