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Update: Camping spots are full! You are still welcome to register however must transit to and from the event daily.

East Arnhem 2023 event information can be found in the Downloads section of this page.

Conquer HQ will be setup at Wathawuy (Latram River) for the duration of the event. Participants are welcome to camp at Wathawuy (Latram River & Goanna Lagoon) for the weekend or transit to and from daily (the event has been designed to cater for both!). When you register you will be asked which nights (if any) you plan to camp or whether you will transit daily. Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation have generously reduced the cost of camping for the event however camping spots are limited and we will still be paying a small fee for each person camping so if your circumstances change please email us so that we can update our register.

Complete the form below to register for the event! As the event gets closer, additional information will be provided to the email address nominated (the group leader will need to ensure this information is passed on to all other team members). The form can be completed as many times as needed for additional team members.

Through the generous support and donations of local businesses and organisations, we aim to offer this as a free event to participants! If you represent a company or business that wishes to support the East Arnhem 2023 event please complete the Sponsorship Form in the Downloads section (--->)

East Arnhem event shirts are available here for preorder!

We also have our very own Conquer the Corrugations x TradeMutt collab shirts arriving in September! These can be preordered now via our Shop tab.

If you have any questions, please email for more information.

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